Uninstall Delm

Follow this steps to uninstall Delm:

  1. Navigate to Apps within your Shopify backend.
  2. Find Delm Delivery Message and click Delete.


Having trouble using Delm? Please contact us.


Q: How to cancel my subscription?

Your subscription will be cancelled after uninstalling the app.

Q: How to pause my subscription?

Uninstalling the app is currently the only way to pause/cancel your subscription. It is planned to add better ways to manage your active subscription within the app.

Q: Does the app leave any unused code in my theme that I need to remove manually?

No, we do not modify or create any theme files. In fact, the app does not even have permissions to access your theme files.


If you have disabled the ScriptTag API, please remember to remove the manually added JavaScript file in your theme.liquid template.

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