App settings

Customize delivery message position

Go to App settings -> Delivery message -> Position on your product pages.

The delivery message gets inserted into your product pages nearby the first element we can find with your specified CSS selector.


Customizing the position requires technical knowledge of HTML and CSS. Contact us if you need help.

What is a CSS selector?

CSS selectors are indicating an element within the HTML structure of a page. Consider it as a tree with many branches, and the CSS selector is the guide to get you to the right leaf.

How to find out the right CSS selector?

We recommend to use SelectorGadget if you are not familiar with Chrome DevTools. It's a simple point and click tool to find the right CSS selector.

Disable ScriptTag API


The Shopify ScriptTag API is used to automatically inject JavaScript files into your shop storefront.

Shops with many installed apps can experience degraded script load times because of the ScriptTag API.

Enable the option "Manually include our JavaScript file" if you want to disable the ScriptTag API in Delm.

How to manually include our JavaScript file


JavaScript files that you include manually are not removed automatically on app uninstall.

  1. Go to Online Store -> Themes -> Actions -> Edit code and open theme.liquid within your Shopify backend.
  2. Find </head> in theme.liquid.
  3. Copy the script below and paste it before </head>.
  4. Save your changes.
<script async src=""></script>
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