Delivery areas

A delivery area acts as a configuration group for multiple countries and regions. You can create as many delivery areas as needed.

How delivery areas work

We use IP geolocation to find out the current location (country and region) of your store visitors:

  1. We locate your visitor via IP geolocation
  2. We try to find a delivery area that matches with the visitor location
  3. We use the Default/Fallback settings if no match was found

How to test and validate your delivery areas

Use the tool below if you want to view a product page with a specific location. Only works if you have installed and enabled Delm.

The tool adds two query parameters to your entered product page url. delm_country and optionally delm_region query parameters can be used to fake your location.

delm_countryRequired country ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 codedelm_country=US
delm_regionOptional region codedelm_region=CA

Alternatively, you can also use a VPN to fake your location but we recommend to use our built-in solution.


Q: How accurate is IP geolocation?

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Countries and regions are detected with very high accuracy by our IP geolocation provider. We currently use ip-api (pro plan).

Unfortunately, the detection of cities is too imprecise and therefore not suitable for setting delivery times at this level.

Q: Is it possible to configure delivery times based on postcodes?

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No, this is currently not possible.

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