Getting Started


This guide is focused on getting you started as quick as possible. For more in-depth descriptions, please have a look at our other guides.

Configure the app to calculate accurate date estimates

We calculate delivery estimates by adding the delivery time to the estimated dispatch date. We also take holidays into account when calculating the date estimates.

Depending on your needs, you have the option to configure different delivery times for specific countries and regions.

For example, you can configure the app to use varying delivery times for US-California and US-Texas based customers.

List of all configurable variables for date estimates:

Enter your weekly order processing schedule

Go to Date calculation -> Dispatch date -> Your working days and dispatch times.


  • On which weekdays are orders processed and shipped out?
  • Until when can a customer place an order to have it processed and shipped out the same day?

We use your weekly order processing schedule to calculate the next available dispatch date.

The calculated dispatch date is used as a base for all delivery date estimates.

The shipping countdown in your delivery message shows the time difference between the current date and the next available dispatch date.

Enter your delivery times

Go to Delivery areas.


  • How long does delivery usually take?
  • Do you need different delivery times for specific countries and regions?
  • Should the delivery message be displayed for visitors outside of your delivery areas?
  • Do you have products with special delivery times?

As mentioned above, delivery times can be configured granular for specific countries and regions within delivery areas.

A delivery area acts as a configuration group for multiple countries and regions. You can create as many delivery areas as needed.

The app comes pre-configured with a delivery area named Domestic. Adjust the Domestic delivery area to your needs or create new delivery areas.

Don't need granular delivery times for different countries and regions? You can choose to delete the pre-configured Domestic delivery area and only configure the Default/Fallback settings. If you do this, the app will use the same delivery time for all visitors, regardless of their current location.

The Default/Fallback settings are used, if your current location cannot be matched to a delivery area.

Do you have products with special delivery times? Have a look at product overrides.

Enable the app

At this point we are ready to enable the app.

Note that we are currently using the default position settings. The delivery message should show up below your add to cart button.

  1. Go to App settings
  2. Turn on Enable app
  3. Save your changes

Visit your storefront and navigate to one of your product pages to check if the delivery message is showing up.

Troubleshooting for common issues

Delivery message is not showing up?

  • Check if the app is enabled
  • Check if your current location can be matched to a delivery area
  • Check if the viewed product is available
  • There is a chance that our pre-configured position is not compatible with your theme. Please read below "Customize position of delivery message".
  • Contact us

Continue with the optional steps if you want to do further customizations.

Optional steps

You can skip the optional steps and use our default settings.

Customize delivery message templates

Go to Templates and select your language.

A detailed template guide can be found in our documentation.

Customize delivery message position

Go to App settings -> Delivery message -> Position on your product pages.


Customizing the position requires technical knowledge of HTML and CSS. Contact us if you need help.

A more detailed guide can be found in our documentation.

If you need to adjust the spacing between your delivery message and nearby page elements, change the px value of padding-top or padding-bottom within the Custom CSS input field.


#deliverymessage { 
    padding-top: 0px;
    padding-bottom: 0px;

Add holidays

Go to Holidays.

Add holidays to improve the accuracy of your date estimates.


Coming soon: Automatically added holidays spanning over 230 countries and 3.300+ regions.

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