Template variants

Delm offers three different templates that you can fully customize.


The active template variant that is visible on your product pages depends on your configured delivery times and the calculated delivery date.

Default template

Used when you configure a delivery time of >= 2 days.

Template for next day deliveries

Used when you configure a delivery time of 1 day and the delivery date is estimated to be the next day.

Template for delivery date range

Used when you configure a delivery time range, for example 2-4 days.

Template variables

Date variable

Use the date variable to output date estimates.


delivery date in Default template or Template for next day deliveries:

Want it {{ date type="delivery" format="[dddd], [mmm]. [dd]" }}?
Want it Monday, Mar. 07?

delivery_min and delivery_max dates in Template for delivery date range:

Arrives between {{ date type="delivery_min" format="[dddd], [mmm]. [dd]" }} and {{ date type="delivery_max" format="[dddd], [mmm]. [dd]" }}.
Arrives between Monday, Mar. 07 and Thursday, Mar. 10.

dispatch date:

Usually dispatched on {{ date type="dispatch" format="[dddd], [mmm]. [dd]" }}.
Usually dispatched on Monday, Mar. 07.


  • type (required)
    • Specify the date type.
    • Accpeted values:
      • delivery (only available in Default template and Template for next day deliveries)
      • delivery_min (only available in Template for delivery date range)
      • delivery_max (only available in Template for delivery date range)
      • dispatch
  • format (required)
    • Specify the date format, please see options below.

Date format options

[dddd]MondayDay name
[ddd]MonFirst three characters of day name
[dd]01Day of month number with trailing zero (from 01 to 31)
[d]1Day of month number (from 1 to 31)
[S]stOrdinal suffix
[mmmm]JanuaryMonth name
[mmm]JanFirst three characters of month name
[mm]01Month with trailing zero from 01 to 12
[m]1Month from 1 to 12
[yyyy]20224 digit year
[yy]222 digit year

Countdown variable

Use the countdown variable to output a shipping countdown.

The shipping countdown in your delivery message shows the time difference between the current date and the next available dispatch date.


Long unit format:

Order within {{ countdown unit_format="long" show_seconds="4_hours" hide_zero_values="true" }}.
Order within 3 hours, 20 minutes and 19 seconds.

Short unit format:

Order within {{ countdown unit_format="short" show_seconds="4_hours" hide_zero_values="true" }}.
Order within 3 hrs, 20 min and 19 sec.

Short unit format and seconds hidden:

Order within {{ countdown unit_format="short" show_seconds="never" hide_zero_values="true" }}.
Order within 3 hrs and 20 min.


hide_zero_valuestrue (default) or false. Hide or show zero values. Example: 20 min 20 sec => 0 days 0 hrs 20 min 20 secNo
unit_formatlong (default) or short Example: minute => min, hour => hr, ...No
show_secondsalways (default), never, 4_hours, 3_hours, 2_hours or 1_hourNo
separatorChange unit separator. Example: 1 day, 2 hrs, 20 min and 10 secNo
last_separatorChange separator for last unit. Example: 2 hrs, 20 min, and 10 secNo
dayOverride translation for "day"No
daysOverride translation for "days"No
hourOverride translation for "hour"No
hoursOverride translation for "hours"No
minuteOverride translation for "minute"No
minutesOverride translation for "minutes"No
secondOverride translation for "second"No
secondsOverride translation for "seconds"No
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